So for those of you who know the crazy hours I work, I do very much try to stay away from energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and the like – not only do they mess up your brain waves, sleep patterns but they also fook up your liver like really badly. I do tend to live on coffee – not healthy but certainly more healthy.

So imagine my surprise to discover Tranquini – the relaxing drink for those who are super stressed. Like me. *claps

Tranquini is a relaxation beverage containing ingredients that occur in nature and scientifically proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety without causing any drowsiness. Ingredients include green tea extract and other herbal ingredients including chamomile and lavender.

Tranquini is a lightly carbonated drink with a unique flavor. Containing all natural flavors with no preservatives or artificial colors, Tranquini has at least one third less sugar and calories than most consumed regular sugar-based soft drinks and fruit juices, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Having only been in South Africa for a year, we currently have two flavor options available here Mixed Berries and Green Tea Twist, with the Ginger Lemongrass and Hops & Malted Barley flavors heading our way in 2018.

Right – so I put it to the test. After working for about 6 hours on tight deadlines, I was starting to suffer heart palpitations and a bit of a sweat from the feeling of being totally overwhelmed. This is it – I grabbed by blue mixed berry can out of the fridge. I took a few sips and paced up and down my office. Thinking it wasn’t working – I just sat down and carried on with the article I was writing. About 15 minutes later I realised that my heart palpitations had stopped. I felt calm. Wow, okay this stuff actually does work.

Tranquini will not make you drowsy at all – just calmer, and offers a great alternative for those who are looking for something other than the usualy sugary beverages to drink over the festive season, or if you are the designated driver and getting a bit tired of water or juice.

Really yummy and not over powering at all I really enjoyed them. Cans come in two sizes  250 ml and 400 ml, and are available in all Pick n Pay’s, Dischems and other selected chains across SA.

Priced to come in at what I feel us a fair price of around R 19 per can, this is certainly something that I will be stocked up on in the New Year when work commences again.

Check out Tranquini: www.tranquini.com for more info

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