Embracing greener behaviour for the wellbeing of the planet is a hallmark of Tsogo Sun’s and is written into the group’s over-riding environmental management policy. But it’s going further than that. Creating awareness and educating stakeholders on greener living has become a strong focus within the environment portfolio.

Candy Tothill, Tsogo Sun’s GM of Corporate Affairs, says that green thinking permeates throughout the business. “We’re extremely aware of the environmental issues the planet is facing, as well as the need for every person to take steps to reduce damaging impact.” Sharing this understanding and knowledge and the commitment to make a difference with stakeholders, including 12 800 full-time employees, guests, and the communities around each of the 108 properties in South Africa, in six other African countries, in the United Arab Emirates, and Seychelles, is a priority.

The practical application of the Tsogo Sun environmental management policy and plan plays out in every property, with detailed attention being given to energy-saving measures (key cards that activate the power in the rooms, heat pumps instead of geysers, correct air conditioners, LED lights, water-saving showerheads, and more), careful waste management with the intention of eventually achieving ‘zero waste to landfill’ that includes extensive reducing, reusing, recycling, and conserving natural resources.

On the back of that, focus is now being given to changing behaviour, educating people and championing initiatives that create awareness and give people a game-plan they can implement. 

A more recent environmental education initiative by Tsogo Sun together with Miss Earth ambassadors is a one-day Citizenship Seminar for executives and staff to educate them on, among other citizenship priorities, #ChangeClimateChange – and empower them to then educate their colleagues, families and communities on the subject climate leadership, the global realities facing our planet as a result of climate change and what they can do about it.

Says Tothill, “As Generation Earth states, ‘there is no Planet B’. We know that if everyone makes a small difference in their own situations, it will add up to significant change. Tsogo Sun is committed to having a lasting and positive impact on the environment – through taking practical action and facilitating wide-ranging initiatives to reduce the harmful effects that past human behaviour has caused, and we are intent on playing our part in improving conditions wherever possible.”

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