For a very fair, freckled, light skinned person – I love the sun. I love warmth, and I always have. I think I constantly dream of escaping to a tropical island, and living a life unlike any I have ever experienced.

My dreams are filled with starry skies, tropical temperatures and friends – not to mention fresh sea food and the local fave R&R’s – or Rum and Raspberry 😉

What a great experience to escape to our neighbouring country, Mozambique this year.  We booked online with East Africa Safari’s just past Xai-Xai, about a 13 hour drive from Johannesburg and it was so worth the trip. Literally on the beachfront, self catering cabins and as chilled a vibe as could ever be found.

In season East Africa Safari’s is heaving with deep sea fishermen, boats go out regularly and the catches are legendary, deep sea fishing is their game. They offer a variety of accommodation from 6 sleeper cabins to 12 sleepers with a beach view and also boast on on site shop with all your basic needs – wood, fire lighters, cool drink and the like.

Negotiating seafood prices – above. The locals do appreciate a good barter, and we secured ourselves some fresh prawns and a lobster, which we cooked on our braai one evening – to much joy 🙂

If you don’t feel much like cooking – the onsite restaurant has the yummiest fresh seafood on offer – and the homemade chilli sauce has us begging the chef for a jar to take home. Dinner and a view do kinda go hand in hand and East Africa Safari’s offers just that – the lull of the sound of the sea is just so relaxing.

View from the beach bar – above.

After a very short 7 nights it was time to sadly head home. Sun tans fade, sand gets vacuumed up – but the memories will always remain ingrained in ones memory. Sea, sun and sand – nothing but relaxation. For the first time in years, the dark circles under my eyes completely disappeared – and that is why I just cannot get enough of Mozambique!

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