So this is my new thing at the moment – I am like, totally hooked – excuse the pun.

Reviv is literally the latest on the health and wellness circuit, and is literally an IV drip that is administered in the rooms of Sayed Mia, located in The Michelangelo Towers in Sandton.

If you are feeling low on energy or run down, or keeping hectic schedules that make you feel ill just thinking about them (like me) then Reviv is for you. It’s great for those who travel a lot, and even works wonders for a hangover!

Reviv plays host to some serious local celeb clientele from Pabi Moloi to Lee-Anne Dlamini, Cassper Nyovest and even internationals such as Kelly Osbourne and Kim Kardashian swear by Reviv.


Leading the Johannesburg Med Spa are Chief Medical Officers Drs. Ibrahim and Mohammed Moosajee of Drs. Moosajee & Partners. Mohammed is well known for his role as the team manager and doctor for the South African cricket team as well as consulting team physician to the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club.

So how does it work? The drip is basically full of vitamins, minerals, detoxifying ingredients and immune systems boosters. Make an appointment, have a quick check up and chat with Sayed or one of his professional team and off you go. The whole thing takes like 45 minutes in total.

A quick needle insertion and you are hooked up and the staff help you through to rest in either the communal resting room, or a more private area, where you can check your phone, chat to the staff, or close your eyes for a quick 30 minute power nap.

Itreally is that easy. I had rather serious head rush about half way through, which apparently is totally normal, and about 2 hours later felt like a bouncy ball – and the feeling kept on going! At dinner that night my cheeks were pulsating – I wasnt flushed or anything – I could just feel the blood beating in them – a reminder of how sluggish my poor system is after months of not exercising and eating weird stuff at weird times.

I am still focused and productive to the maximum – the 18 hours days aren’t taking it out of me so much any more.

I do feel that my body may need a few more of these, I have had an extremely stressful year – and Sayed says that each person is unique and if one is very run down you may need to increase the time between visits, however once a month is optimum for receiving an IV Drip.


The most popular product is aptly named The Royal Flush – and this is the one I had. Great for recovery, cleansing and megaboost which gives you maximum productivity and detoxification.


• Restores Hydration
• Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins
• Boosts Your Immune System
• Decreases Inflammation
• Relieves Pain And Nausea
• Delivers An Energy Boost
• Detoxifies The Body
• Cleanses Vital Organs

There are a variety of other drips available from hydrating to weight loss – as well as supplementary booster shots, such as Vitamin B12 and the like to add to your little “cocktail” of wellness. 

Drips range from R 1499 – R 2999 depending on type selected and booster shots are about R 250 each.

Reviv has a variety of branches around America and Europe and the Sandton branch has been in operation for almost 2 years. 2017 sees branches opening in Cape Town and Pretoria.

I am actually so inspired by my new found health kick, that as I write this article – yes still under the effects of my drip, I am in the process of doing a liver cleanse – and following that I will be embarking on a fruit and veg detox, nogal 😉

Make your apppointment with Reviv on:

T: 072 892 2229

W: http://revivme.com/

Hours: 10h00 – 17h00 – Tuesday to Saturday

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