What a major thrill getting to drive the not yet released Ford Everest 2.2 liter 4×4 on a recent road trip, I love the power!

I did feel slightly out of my depth surrounded by super important motoring journalists when we met at Lanseria Airport for our journo’s road trip, but I had the most awesome driving partner, and as we hit the road to Limpopo I started loving the feel of the open road, and a hint of a mid-week getaway from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg.

Getting to drive both the manual and automatic versions was really great, and we also got to do a proper 4×4 course in the car as well, which was totally exhilarating. 


Boasting seven seats, and in-car sensors that reduce external white noise – we comfortably fitted all our luggage in, by folding down the two back seats, and enjoyed a really quiet drive. The lane sensors were really handy – should you stray from your lane the car will warn you – also if someone is approaching in your blind spot, or getting too close to you you will get a notification, allowing you to take the precautions required to avoid a collision or swerving drivers.

Now I don’t know much about torque and engine sizes, but what I do know is a smooth ride. And this is it.

Cruise control is a huge plus – no more stressing about those pesky cops hiding under every bridge or bush, the Everest plots your speed – and helps you keep it there.

Complete with a tow bar – you can take your jam packed holiday trailer, or your boat, or your quad bikes along with you wherever you go!


Available in solid colours like white and red, as well as full metallic range from black, through grey and silver – this is one sexy beast.

And it’s not just a “pretty” 4×4  – it literally has the latest technology to get you not over the steep speed bumps outside your local school, but also over 45 degree hills. Literally popping the car in neutral, and engaging the required buttons, a slight release of the pedal and the car guides itself up, and down, the hill, all you have to do is steer. We had a few hair-raising moment when all we could see was the sky, but our trusty Everest scaled the hills in no time at all.

20 000 km service intervals are a pleasure and the in-car entertainment system is second to none. I also really liked the little screen that came up to assist me to reverse – being so high up in a car was quite a strange experience for me.

If I were looking for a hot, practical 4×4 – this would be my buy! Prices range from R 450 000 – R 700 000 – depending on your model and other specs.

Contact your nearest Ford Dealership or visit www.ford.co.za

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