EyeSeeHue Makeup and Beauty Products have arrived in South Africa – with a whole host of international brands in their make up bag!

Eyeseehuemakeup.com has an exciting selection of imported brands – with plans to expand – that’ll satisfy even thepickiest of beauty shoppers. From Lipstick Queen to Too Faced to Sephora’s own range of skincare and lip balms, product devotees finally have a place to buy beauty treasures otherwise only found on their overseas travels.


Part of her arsenal of eye makeup are mascaras and liners by Brit brand EyeKo – and with good reason! The brand is incredible, says Andrea who encourages clients to try out the range of award winning and innovative eye makeup – think liners, mascaras and even the perfect mascara-removing wipes!

It’s positioned “for your eyes only” and has a cult celebrity following, with perennial “it” girl Alexa Chung being the spokesperson for the brand.


In fact she advises creators Max and Nina Leykind on products, so she’s not just the celebrity face of Eyeko. Established in 1999, the label re-invented mascara with its iconic zero-waste squeeze tubes to create an eye wardrobe of formulas and brushes for instant results, easy application and long term lash care.


*EyeSeeHue Makeup and Beauty Products, offers nationwide deliveries.

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