We all love Mosaic restaurant, but did you know that Mosaic is the only Gauteng restaurant (and the only one outside of the Western Cape) to be ranked in the Top 10 of the Mercedes Benz Eat Out Awards taking the No 5 spot as the acclaimed restaurant celebrates a decade of excellence.
Restaurant Mosaic has been a top 10 contender in the Mercedes Benz Eat Out Restaurant Awards for the past eight years, together with Chantel Dartnall twice winning Chef of the Year – in 2009 and again in 2014.
Fellow chef David Higgs, one of this year’s three judges for the awards, described Mosaic as providing “impressive, superior food and a seasonal menu where boundaries are pushed in a magical setting.”
Says Dartnall: “We are delighted to be ranked among the best restaurants in South Africa. There are so many passionate and hardworking chefs out there so that to be selected from such an illustrious group is indeed an honour and a humbling experience.”
Mosaic’s awards for 2016 include:
The American Express Fine Dining Awards: Platinum Status for the 10th consecutive year.
The Best Chef – 500 Top Chefs in the World: Dartnall reached No 261 from only a handful of chefs from the African continent.
Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence: One of only three South African establishments to be recognised by this influential global awards programme and the only restaurant in Gauteng to achieve this accolade.
World of Fine Wine “World’s Best Wine Lists Awards”: Mosaic’s accolades for 2016 include Best Overall Wine List for Africa and the Middle East, Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine List; Best Dessert and Fortified Wine List; Best By-the-Glass Wine List and, to crown it all, a special Jury Prize for the quality and excellence of Mosaic’s approach to all things wine.
Dartnall’s vision for the next 10 years remains the same – to celebrate excellence in food and wine; creating memorable and romantic special occasions for her guests and embracing all things beautiful while being dedicated to her vision of consistency, commitment, sustainable sourcing and the upliftment of the community surrounding her restaurant.

She is as passionate as ever in her chosen career: “As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, and amid loud expressions of gratitude and wonder, I look back upon some of my most memorable dishes and moments. It has been a journey of both growth and harmony – a beautiful symphony that is unique to Mosaic.
“My approach to cooking has matured during the past 10 years, resulting in my dishes evolving into more precise, but still delicate, botanical pieces. All the flavours are in balance with each other; from the intricate amuse bouche to the sweet savourings of dessert. Even though each one is unique on their own, they come together in a beautiful story where each ingredient becomes a chapter that in the end flow together in a perfect harmony, creating a magical ambience.

“The delicate herbs and flowers are more than just garnish, they become essential ingredients that allow you to emerge yourself not only in the tranquillity of nature but also take advantage of the health qualities of each chosen ingredient. I want to create memorable experiences and thus, each dish is not only perfectly paired with the ideal wine, but even the plate and cutlery is chosen with great care and attention to detail.
“My team is made up of people from the local community none of whom have had any classical training or any other training for that matter, apart from what they’ve learnt in the Mosaic kitchen. That’s our philosophy: building up our team and empowering them!
“Mosaic is an experience, a destination and celebration of life and I aim to further enhance that for all our guest,” says Dartnall.

Phone: +27(0)12 371 2902/3/4/5  
Email:   reservations@restaurantmosaic.com
Website: www.restaurantmosaic.com or www.the-orient.net

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