In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre is excited to be presenting, from December 2 – 4, the fourth edition of its In House Project, funded by the National Lotteries Commission.

The successful 2010 (also funded by the NLC) and 2013 (part of the Goethe Institute Spines programme) presentations of the In House Project took dance and performance art out of the traditionally accepted, darkened theatre venues and placed it back in the centre of where people live and interact – their suburbs, their living spaces – various dance and performance art works were performed in Soweto, Alexandra Township and Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. In 2011 it was invited to be part of the University of Cape Town’s Gordon Institute of Performing Arts colloquium, Emerging Modernities.

Directed by Ntsoana’s artistic director, internationally renowned choreographer and performer, Sello Pesa, the 2016 In House Project will have performances at venues in Cosmo City on Friday, December 2, in the Alexandra Township, Woman’s Hostel and the Heritage Museum on Saturday, December 3 and in Noordgesig and Diepkloof on Sunday, December 4.

Pesa is intensely interested in the changes and challenges that arise from living in South Africa. The In House project brings together different sectors of the community, gives them a common point of reference through art and allows them discourse”, he says. “It seeks to address outdated images, perceptions and ideas; be it of homes and spaces or dance and art… and art is brought into the public space, pushing the boundaries of the performers and seeking the uninvited audience.”

Using mini bus taxis, audience members will be taken on an adventure across the city and its surrounds.


This ‘adventure’ challenges the audience and spectators to step out of their usual humdrum routines and habits and to experience Joburg and its surrounds in another way. They will watch a performance in one venue and when over, will be transported to another venue, and then will be returned to the meeting point (the LISOF parking area, corner Eileen and Geneva Roads, Blairgowrie).

Each day of the programme is a unique experience with performances presented in hustle and bustle of Cosmo City on December 2, in Alexander Township on December 3 and in Soweto on December 4.

The programme includes well known performing artists Boemo Babo Ntate Bothata with Thomas Manamela and Ayanda Ndlovu, Sandrine Ébrard, Dean Hutton, Jean Christophe Lanquetin, Hlengiwe Lushaba Madlala and Rosana Maya.


The performance schedule (subject to change) is as follows:
Friday, December 2:  performances by Compagnie Tétradanse, Sandrine Ébrard (Reunion Island) and Hlengiwe Lushaba Madlala and the installation of Jean Christophe Lanquetin (France) will take place in Cosmo City.   Meeting time for transport: 17:30.

Saturday, December 3: performances by Rosana Maya and Boemo Babo Ntate Bothata and Dean Hutton’s installation, will take place in Alexandra Township, Woman’s Hostel and the Heritage Museum.  Meeting time for transport: 14:00.

Sunday, December 4: the final day of this out-of-the-ordinary project, there will be performances in Noordgesig and Diepkloof by performers Rosana Maya and Hlengiwe Lushaba Madlala and an installation work by Dean Hutton.  And in celebration of Ntsoana’s 10th anniversary, there will be an exhibition, speeches and snacks at the Club House in Diepkloof before the audience returns to Johannesburg.

Meeting time for transport: 14:00.

Audience members are requested to meet at the LISOF parking area, corner Eileen and Geneva Roads, Blairgowrie for transport by mini bus taxis to the performance venues.

Booking is essential as seating is limited (only 40 seats available for each day).

Ticket reservation: please email info@ntsoana.co.za to reserve your seat/s in the taxi – cost: R30 per person.


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