The chickens have most certainly come home to roost at recently opened Johannesburg restaurant Rosto.

Rosto taps into South Africans on-going love for chicken. The focus of this new Linden eatery is on free range, ethically reared chicken cooked in the on-site wood-fired rotisserie oven.

Rosto takes its names from Italy’s famous Girarrosto shops – literally meaning turn (gira) and roasted (arrosto) – which serve tender spit-roasted chickens and Italian street food.


The chicken is first made succulent with an infusion of Rosto’s secret homemade brine before being cooked on the wood-burning rotisserie which imparts a flavour that can’t be beaten. It comes in three portion sizes (whole, half and quarter) with three Italian inspired flavours – red (chili, sundried tomato and garlic), yellow (lemon and Mediterranean herbs) and green (parmesan and rosemary).

The three flavour choices also apply to the delicious free-range wood fire-roasted chicken wings.

Rosto offers a number of Italian street food dishes, to be eaten either as starters or sides. These include panelle (Sicilian chickpea fries) and twice fried chips; arancini (risotto croquettes) which are stuffed with ragu (red), butternut and mozzarella (yellow) or spinach, ham and provolone (green). There is also slaw, green salad and corn on the cob.


Traditional focaccia, made with unbleached stoneground flour, extra virgin olive oil and a natural yeast which started its life nearly 100 years ago in a small family bakery in the foothills of the Alps, is sure to soon develop its own fan following.

For those wanting something other than poultry, there is a baked lasagna. Vegetarian options include spinach and ricotta cannelloni and parmigiana di Melanzane. Pasta is made from scratch in the restaurant using the best quality flour and free range eggs.


The dessert variety is kept small but classic with tiramisu, panna cotta, semifreddo and granita.

Those looking for a caffeine kick can look forward to imported brews from Illy for that true Italian experience.

All dishes are available to take home. Rosto is currently waiting for its liquor licence

Rosto combines South Africans’ love of cooking with fire with chicken, one of their best loved foods – with an added dash of authentic Italian flair.

69 7th Street, Linden, 2104

+27 11 888 0369


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