Bursting on to the local music scene – Yael Benjamin – with a powerful and clear voice, she is set to take the classical music scene by storm.

Richard Loring, a Double-Platinum and Gold Record awardee, has mentored YAEL, his first protégé, to produce, together with Music Maestro Bryan Schimmel and Double-Grammy Award winner John Lindemann, an album of exceptional quality, titled Fly Away – echoing the dreams we all have to just sometimes spread our wings and escape.


Yael’s classically-trained voice bridges the divide between operatic arias, contemporary and rock music. Strongly featured on five of the album tracks are the Soweto Spiritual Singers, whose rich Gospel sound are juxtaposed against Yael’s crystal clear voice, creating a culture of unity through vocal harmony.

The album launch took place at 012 Central, an exciting new inner-city event space in the heart of Tshwane, which offers an inspiring atmosphere, in the heart of Pretoria.

Keep an eye out for Yael – a powerful voice in a beautiful package – she certainly has been gifted highly.


  • Photo credits Steve Castings
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