I really enjoyed an evening in the company of the The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) recently – and love the fact that they are so very passionate about recycling.

Actually, did you know that only 41% of South Africa’s glass bottles and jars are being recycled? That’s 59% thats landing up in landfills, oceans and dumps, when it could be recycled.

TGRC consists of a team dedicated to increasing glass recycling in South Africa. They are really passionate about ensuring every South African realises the value of recycling glass and actively embraces this practice.

They strive to educate, enable, encourage and inspire individuals to separate their glass for recycling, but do not physically collect or recycle the glass, with their focus extending beyond consumers and communities, but also on trade, industry and corporate South Africa.

TGRC also aims to uplift impoverished communities by creating income generating opportunities and skills development in the recycling sector.

There are 3 ways to reduce the amount of waste glass in South Africa:

Recycle your glass
Glass recycling is the process whereby you return glass bottles and jars to the manufacturers. The manufacturers then melt the glass container to make brand new packaging.

Return your glass
Returnable bottles are glass beverage bottles that can be returned to a supermarket, liquor outlet or retailer once empty, for a refund. These glass containers will be sent to the beverage company where the bottles are sterilised and refilled ready to be reused several times.

Reuse your glass
Use your glass containers again and again after the glass has been used for its original purpose. A glass bottle can be used again to hold another liquid or be used as something new – for example a glass bottle can be reused as a vase.

To find out more about TGRC visit their website: http://www.theglassrecyclingcompany.co.za/

To find glass banks in your area – click here

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