If you love to eat healthily, are strictly organic or follow a keto or paleo diet – then Season’s Cuisine is for you.

Pasture to plate is a concept that is deeply rooted in an idea that Chamilla Sanua, owner and founder of Weleda Pharmacy’s believes in and that we need to get closer to source when it comes to eating.

Chamilla opened up her restaurant with this belief as her core motivation. All our dishes are made with the freshest ingredients we can find. Where possible, organically grown produce is used from our farms. Meats are sourced from organic farms and they use organic eggs when and where possible.

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Dressing oils are pure and free from heat treating and their butter is made from grass fed cows cream.

They use bone broth as a base for most of soups and avoid wheat in the making of sauces and gravies. Using full natural fats in their meals and promoting a banting and natural style paleo diet is what Season’s is all about.

Our pledge is to provide our patrons with the best possible food we can. Full of good enzymes and nutrition that our bodies need to thrive.

The main focus is to create delicious food that is free from toxins so that the body utilises the nutrients as best it can while allowing the body to heal naturally. Food is essentially your medicine, provided it is not contaminated with chemicals and toxins like most f our foods are today.


Phone:  074 145 3772

Email:  manager@seassonscuisine.co.za

Website: www.seasonscuisine.co.za


We’re open 12 a.m till 11 p.m.



453 Main Road, cnr. Culross Street

Bryanston, Johannesburg

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