Three top South African winemakers will be leading a unique Cinsaut tasting in Johannesburg next month hosted by Wine Menu, one of the country’s leading boutique wine outlets.

They are Ian Naudé (Adoro Wines), Francois Haasbroek (Blackwater Wine) and Duncan Savage (Savage Wines), all of whom are making Cinsaut in the same cellar and feeding off each other’s knowledge and experience.

Wine Menu – headed by Corlien Morris – has created a hunger for exploring different varieties following their successful wine tasting festivals this year which included a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir event and The Unusuals Festival.

Cinsaut is a black wine grape that thrives in a hot and dry climate. It is one of the most planted varieties in Southern France. In South Africa, Cinsaut was once known as Hermitage and was famously crossed with Pinot Noir in 1925 to create Pinotage. Cinsault produces varietal wines that are light in colour and low in tannin, often displaying bright cherries, earth and spice.

Says Morris:  “We will taste eight different wines – and in particular those made from old vineyards – in a tutored tasting where we shall have the opportunity to learn as much as we can from these incredibly accomplished wine makers. Those attending will taste and discuss a selection of Cinsauts from the three winemakers as well as their personal favourites from other producers.”


Ian Naude explains his philosophy: “I believe in minimal interference during the winemaking process to let the old vineyard, where the Cinsaut grapes are picked, to tell its own story. The wine should tell its own story in the glass – it is all about terroir.”

After the panel discussion guests will have the opportunity to taste the rest of the wines these winemakers have on offer as well as the opportunity to buy these wines and take it home for the holiday season.

The Wine Menu Cinsaut Evening will take place at Rosebank’s Clico Boutique Hotel on Wednesday, November 9, at 18.00. Cost is R160 per person. Seating is limited so early booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Contact Corlien Morris on 011 440-5498 or via email at corlien@winemenu.co.za

No food will be served at the event but should you wish to book dinner at Clico’s acclaimed restaurant after the tasting, please contact Clico Restaurant reservations directly on 011 252-3300. Clico Hotel offers safe, secure parking on Sturdee Avenue as well as off-road parking at their Jellicoe Road entrance.

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