Let’s be honest I have never been a big gin drinker, but OMG – Mind. Officially. Blown. I spent the most amazing evening along with some fellow gin lovers, and Duncan Armstrong from Jenever, learning about one of South Africa’s coolest homegrown gin’s – enter stage left…Jenever Montane.

I may be slightly more partial to Jenever, due to the fact that its brewed in the Cape (ye olde home) from Fynbos – gotta love the great aroma’s, right?

It is a unique gin that blends the traditional Juniper berry with fynbos indigenous to high altitude areas of the Cape – and gives you a taste that is both traditional and original.

Jenever is the original Dutch word for juniper, and it is the first gin brought to the Cape over 300 years ago, and Montane is the name of the Fynbos that thrives at high altitudes. Put the two together and you wind up with an easy drinking, rich in flavour gin which boasts unique floral and spicy notes, with an interesting undertone of citrus, and a rather cool rose water taste.

Yes. Neat – totally. With tonic, even better. In a cocktail – well hello summer… This is THE drink of the year – trust me – stay tuned for more updates and news about Jenever in your city.

Jenever is available at selected outlets around Jozi, and of course Slaapstad – check them out on Facebook here

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