Think of a brand that has become synonymous with exquisite dishes, gorgeous décor, loving attention, and an Italian family that passionately upholds all three. If you immediately thought of Café del Sol, you’d be bang on.

When the first Café del Sol opened its doors in Olivedale in 2007, it created an immediate stir. Celebrated for its warm, welcoming atmosphere, superb food, inspiring décor and attention to detail, Classico has become something of a national treasure.

Seven years later, the second-born, Botanico, opened in Bryanston. The Café del Sol magic was once again evident and Botanico proved an instant hit. With its lush, living wall, greenhouse décor, plants, and waterfall – Botanico is possibly the prettiest restaurant in South Africa. The aesthetics provide a fitting setting for the imaginative, culinary delights that are such a feature of the Café del Sol legend.

Now fans of superb food and the Café del Sol brand are in for yet another treat. The third and latest restaurant, aptly named Tre, has opened its doors in vibrant Parkhurst. In typical Café del Sol tradition, a distinctive theme is part of the charm – Tre, takes you time travelling to the Twenties, into an era of Art Deco and Jazz.

The founders of the iconic Café del Sol brand – Luciana, her daughter Chiara and son Ryan – have long been fans of Art Deco design. The leap from admiring a black and white Art Deco coffee cup to deciding to open a restaurant that celebrates the design and décor of the Twenties was rapid and unanimous. That spontaneous thought has now manifested in Café del Sol Tre.

The family spent months poring over books about the Jazz Age, says Chiara, “From around 1925 through the 1940s, Art Deco was the most fashionable design movement in modern art. We just fell in love with the polished metal, strong geometric shapes, silver, gold, angular patterns, mirrors, and bold curves associated with the style.”

Ryan, adds, “The Twenties was such an innovative, futuristic era – people had come through really tough times and they were determined to be upbeat. That positive attitude is reflected in Art Deco, which is all optimism, dazzle, and drama.”

Cafe del Sol 3 Cafe del Sol 1 Cafe del Sol 2

This outlook is highlighted by a quote written large on one of the restaurant walls – “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.” The man responsible for this popular Twenties mantra was Emile Coué, French psychologist and father of conscious autosuggestion and affirmations.

The name Tre celebrates the power of three– three members of the family, the third restaurant, and the triangular shapes associated with Art Deco. From the menus to the staff uniforms, from the glassware and crockery to the cocktails and music, Café del Sol Tre is putting on the Ritz.

While the menu features some enduring favourites from Classico and Botanico, the focus is on a harmony of unexpected ingredients and creating a relaxing, welcoming environment. As Luciana explains, “Our vision has always been to provide delicious meals that enhance togetherness, conversation, and enjoyment.”

The three famous Café del Sol attributes – love of innovation, love of food, and love of design are very apparent in this new baby, and diners can look forward to experiencing that special trilogy at Tre.

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