I was lucky enough to be treated to a memorable evening at Pigalle Melrose Arch, along with a few fellow bloggers and the owners of the Pigalle chain in South Africa, last week.

The evening was not only a showcase of the restaurant, which is superb, but also an introduction to a gentleman by the name of Rusty Labuschagne, who was imprisoned in a Zimbabwean prison for 10 years for a crime he did not commit.

It may sound harsh, and indeed listening to his story your skin crawls, and you are once again reminded of how thankful you are that you have not had to experience the horrors of prison. The amazing thing is that Rusty, a noteworthy speaker in his own right, has come out of the experience with a positive outlook on life, and an appreciation for the lessons learnt, and friendships formed during his incarceration.

Losing everything can quite often make or break you – and this story of hope, and renewed appreciation for his life and all that it has to offer is truly inspiring and humbling.

Pigalle Melrose Arch, is set to a backdrop of sparkling city lights, beautifully decorated and with service beyond compare. No surprise they have hosted some of the world’s biggest celebrities on their premises, including the likes of Kim Kardashian and many more.

The private dining area is secluded and perfect for intimate dinners or private meetings. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the a la carte menu extensive.

We enjoyed delicious wines and a set menu which comprised of the most delicious chicken and corn chowder soup, fillet with veg or Thai fishcakes and a melt in the mouth crème brulee to round off the evening.

Pigalle is truly an experience and I cannot recommend it more highly for a romantic evening out, or entertaining of guests, be it for business or pleasure.

Contact them on www.pigallerestaurants.co.za or 011 684 2711. Email: melrose@pigallerestaurants.co.za

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