What an amazing evening on Thursday at one of the top events on the South African fashion calendar – it’s SA Fashion Week time, of course!

I was lucky enough to be invited to view the ranges of Sun Goddess and JJ Schoeman, both of them SA designing legends in their own right.

Sun Goddess kicked off the show and totally wowed with some amazing, bold, statement making pieces. Bright colour and headpieces where the focal point of the show, and I enjoyed the range immensely.

JJ Schoeman however made his own statement in reverse with very understated and clean, classic lines. All the models wore only white, and all had candyfloss pink hair. Shoes were by Europa Art – whom I totally adore!

Schoeman’s range in its simplicity captivated me. I am not a statement making type of fashionista, I much prefer more simple and classic outfits, and then rather add to my outfit with a classic accessory or a bold pair of shoes.

Well done to both designers, it was a great show.

I was dressed by Big Blue Clothing for the evening, and my statement came in the form of my beautiful Skyline Skirt, and a few key accessories from there amazing range.

Sorbet Fourways did my makeup, and I must thank them for completing my look for the evening.

Big Blue: http://bit.ly/1qr05OT

Sorbet Fourways: http://bit.ly/20p6xCk

SA Fashion Week: http://bit.ly/1S2yTz9

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