Oh wow – feeling like a totally pampered Princess. Of course. My resident faciologist (yes that my word), Fifi at Sorbet Fourways spoilt me and my poor dehydrated skin with a top of the range Dermalogica Agesmart Facial.

Because we can tend to be worried about our looks, or ageing prematurely in this harsh African climate, Dermalogica has one of the most comprehensive skincare ranges, and I love the mix and match vibe, every facial has the basics, but the products vary depending on what you want to achieve. Also getting a whole fist full of take home after care products is such a bonus!

Fifi started off by cleansing my skin from any basic make up residue, sunscreen and general yuckiness from outside, starting with a precleanse and then a resurfacing cleanser, which got quite warm on my skin while she rubbed it on. Then for a multivitamin thermofoliant, again exfoliating and warming up the skin, and immediately massaged my skin with an overnight repair serum to calm and soothe the skin again. The exfoliation is needed to lift dry, dehydrated skin, and I was looking a little flaky to start with.

Dermalogica-beauty-therapy_0  SK_AS_3_WB

A power recovery masque was left on for a few minutes, and after being washed off a power firm serum around my eyes and lips was applied and a multivitamin power serum over my whole face. Dynamic skin recovery cream was massaged in, and a SPF to round everything off and help protect my fair, freckled skin from the harsh rays.

I admit I nodded off at some point during all of Fifi’s ministrations and woke feeling mildly disorientated, but wholly relaxed and ready for the bloggers event I was off too straight afterwards.

For those of you that have been reading my facial blogs – I have been taking face pictures every 7 days and will be showing you the changes that I have been seeing in my skin over the last 2 months. It feels good to pamper oneself, and anything anti-ageing get a huge thumbs up in my books!

Contact Sorbet Salon in Fourways for your facial today – 011 465 7399 or visit www.sorbet.co.za.


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