Now before anyone goes getting themselves bunched up about this topic – I know it is a sensitive one, however I believe that every woman, and man, has a choice in the matter of what they are willing to do to with regards to their body and their ageing.

This topic can be likened to a religious debate – but I say, do your research and do what makes you happy!

I was lucky enough to be speaking alongside the well renowned Dr. Christo Landsman, at the opening of his aesthetic arm of his practice, and got to learn a whole lot about many things, not just botox and fillers.

Ageing gracefully can be done in very subtle ways, and it is better to start earlier, with subtle things, rather than waiting until later in life, and having the always noticeable face lift.

Neostrata is a great skincare regime sporting cleansers, moisturisers, eyecreams, sunscreens as well as boasts a product called Lumixyl, which assists in reducing hyperpigmentation, without the risks of more extreme options.

Lycogel is possibly the most exciting thing I have seen on the market to date. Its base and concealer creme that can actually improve pigmentation and acne, while it looks like you are actually wearing make up! They call it breathable camouflage – I call it Genius.

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Juvederm ranges include both botox and fillers. Your doctor should do a full consultation with you before any treatments are started, and a plan worked out to best optimise results with as minimal treatments as possible. Brows can be lifted, wrinkles ironed out, lips rejuvenated and vertical lip lines massively reduced with the full range. Check them out on www.allergan.co.za

Dr, Landsman’s practice is in Honeydew, and you can contact him on 011 801 5600 or clandman@nhcltd.com for appointments and more information.


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