Yes, I have peeled before. No, I don’t enjoy it at all. Yes, I like the results. So there you have it.

So, with a bit of teeth gritting, I put my big girl pants on and went to give the Dermalogica chemical peel a whirl at my local Sorbet Salon in Fourways.

Fifi, my therapist, was quite reassuring, however I know I feel pain a bit more strongly than most, so I just smiled and nodded politely.

Without much ado, which I quite like and secretly suspect that my therapists are selected on a scale of ballsy ranging from mid to intense, Fifi cleansed and prepared my skin for the treatment. She carefully applied a preparation treatment which stayed on for a few minutes to get my skin ready to receive the “actual” treatment. I was already tingling, so did a foot jig to pass the time and not look like a girl.

Then an enzyme layer was carefully applied, to react with the acid solution, and left on for a few minutes and then finally the acid solution got layered on. Wimp that I am I only manged two levels out of five – tingly, itchy, but generally not too bad, I have had worse I wont lie.

chemical-peel  chemical-peel-pic


The deactivation treatment stays on for 10 minutes. “No scratching” I was warned. Fifi blotted my itches with a tissue under my instruction, whilest I foot jigged harder than the entire troop of Lord of The Dance during an average performance!

I emerged looking a bit blotchy and bizarre, but not so bad that I couldn’t walk through the mall without cringing, which was a massive relief, as one usually runs in to someone super cool when wearing tracksuit pants and having a bad hair day, and missing your top dermal layer – you know how it goes…

Fifi left me with a handbag full of products to use in the 3 days after the treatment, and strict instructions to drink a ton of water, which I duly did. No other products were to be used, besides these – a special cleanser, moisturiser and a very rocking barrier cream that went on to all funny, peely parts. Finished off with a sunscreen to ensure no rays were going to affect my freshly peeled face. As I write this, its been 3 days since the treatment. I am trying to avoid wearing makeup if possible, and the flaky bits have almost ceased to be. I believe in 7 to 10 days after the peel the best effects are seen, but already feeling a lot more youthful and vibrant. Stay tuned for more info as I try more of these to see an overall effect. I will also be doing a step by step picture of myself after each treatment to see the overall effect over 3 months – should be keen to see what happens 🙂


Nadia Apr 17, 2020 at 9:02 pm

Hi how much for chemical peel please.

    Heather Hook Apr 18, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Hi Nadia – you will need to contact Sorbet Fourways directly – unfortunately I do not offer the peels myself. You can call them on 011 465 739. Thank you, Heather

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