Hey, I am quite funny about facials. What you putting on my face, ouch you are squeezing to hard etc. You know the drill right?

Blown away, once again by Sorbet Fourways who pulled at all stops, yet again, this time with a Dermalogica Facial.

First we did a facial mapping, Koketso my therapist shone this really huge light on my skin and looked at my pores, skin condition, redness and veins. According to Dermalogica the face has 13 different areas, and your skin can be made up of many multiple types of skin condition on your face. I suffer from dry skin on my forehead due to my skin being dehydrated (vowing to drink more water here), and am prone to stress and hormonal breakouts on my chin and next to my nose. I also have a few broken capillaries near my nose – my skin is quite thin and I am also very pale, so they show up more easily than on people with other skin types.

After the facial mapping, Koketso worked out a great individualised facial treatment using a several different Dermalogica products to compliment my skin. Hydrating and Anti-ageing were at the forefront – although she did mention that I had the skin of a 27 year old which was likely the best compliment I have received all year.

First my skin was cleansed and exfoliated with a really cool exfoliant scrub, to which she added a little brushing machine to help remove all dead skin cells. Sometimes our bodies dont do this naturally when we get older – and exfoliating twice a week is recommended. I think I have been staying away in fear that I would actually dry my skin out more, not realising that one needs to slough off those dead skin cells.

After exfoliating, she applied some firming eye cream, as well as great breakout controller for my somewhat problematic chin area.

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Extractions were next and my eyes started watering just thinking about the upcoming pain, but Koketso was proficient and quick, it barely hurt at all – double score here!

Next up was a frothy cream to open up my pores in preparation for the hydrating and anti-ageing serums that she carefully applied. Banana, Liquorice and Turkish Delight scents filled the air, I admit I may have dozed off at this point, and finally an SPF 50 sunscreen easily rubbed over the whole lot.

I emerged looking somewhat shiny, enough for my staff to notice i had had a facial, but not red and swollen like some can leave you. Koketso also gave me a little carrier bag of samples to try at home. I must say my face has never felt so smooth, and I am totally loving Dermalogica right now. Revising my budget to start incorporating these products in to my cupboard at home.

Also made a serious note to drink more water, and rest properly, so the dark eye circles will fade and I can look like I am 26, not 27 😉

Give Sorbet Salon Fourways a call on 011 465 7399 and book your appointment now. Best investment in your pretty face you can make!


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