I could not put this book down – literally. Saturday night and the first part of Sunday morning found me completely involved with the story of Martin White, the editor of The Shallow Review of Books, who himself prefers to keep his relationships with others as shallow as the coloums he writes until he meets Kasia, a vibrant, explosive young administration clerk at the newspaper.

Martin prefers to stay away from confrontation and keeps pretty much to himself until he realises he just can’t help himself when it comes to Kasia.

He falls in love – dramatically and deeply so. As I read I wiped away the tears feeling the pain and fear of falling so far in love that you have no other option than to persue it and hope that you don’t self combust in the throes of it.

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Martin is known as the “Baggage Handler” at the newspaper because he listens so patiently to colleagues relationship woes, and although the advice he gives is quirky, it seems to work for those receiving it – but Martin realises that for once he has no clue how to handle this relationship and throws himself head first in to the race to “win the girl”.

Colin Browne, well known author and speaker, bases part of the book on his life, and you can feel the realness on every page – this book will keep you hooked.

256 pages of skilled story weaving had me enthralled for hours, and I know that you will enjoy this book as much as I did. Nothing to heavy, a slight distraction to remind you of the power of breathtaking love. Another brilliant novel from the WSF stable.

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