I know Ugg’s generally have quite a bad rep, but secretly deep down inside I love them. Comfy, warm, furry – it’s like wearing slippers on your feet all day long. That said, like most fashion items, there are do’s and don’ts to wearing Uggs. Make sure you are on form with uggs this winter.

  • Tuck your skinny jeans in them a la Kate Bosworth. A casual combo that works well.
  • Do not wear loose or parachute type pants. This can only lend itself to looking like a marshmallow, case in point Katie Price, who even manages to get the colour combo right. Trainers would possibly have been a better shoe to wear with these type of tracksuit pants.

Kate Bosworth Skinny Jeans  Katie Price - too puffy

  • Leggings and uggs are a great winter combo, but please make sure your top is the appropriate length. Although Kendall Jenner has great legs and can carry off this look, unless you have the legs of a catwalk model, possibly making sure that your wobbly bits are covered would be advantageous, not only to you, but to passersby as well.
  • Seeing a bit of skin between your uggs and your trousers is not cool. Please make sure your leggings are long enough and/or tucked in to your socks – the tops of which should also not be showing above the top of the boot, unless they are pretty, thick socks that you want to show to make a fashion statement. Nene, below – has just bust two rules, the puffy pants and the skin showing rule. Naya Rivera swopped her gym shoes for her uggs – ho hum.

Kendall Jenner Gets it Just Right  Nene Puffy pants and Uggs  Naya Rivera 3 quarters and uggs

  • Men in Uggs – now we have to let the guys have a go here, us ladies can wear them, so can guys. Pharrell gets it just right, as does Mr Beach Man – tuck jeans in, and as in the case of ladies, no tracksuit pants – unless you are checking in to rehab or having a Hollywood type melt down whilest taking out your garbage.

Pharell Uggs  Uggs for Men

  • Uggs and shorts – an interesting if confusing fashion statement. If it’s warm enough for shorts – why are you wearing uggs? But, that said, it seems to be a trend we can’t ignore – and Hayden Panetierre gets this look just right. For more chilly days, shorts, leggings and uggs can also work, but do try and keep everything the same colour from the waist down to avoid looking like a liquorice allsort.

Hayden Panetierre  Uggs and Shorts with Stockings

  • Plus sized legs and uggs. Now this is the crux of the matter – if you are plus sized, of course you can still wear uggs and rock them, but rather not with shorts or leggings, consider slightly baggie jeans, and not tucking the jeans in to the boots but rather let them cover the boot – all the comfort and all the fashion, and at the same time working with your figure.

Fat legs and uggs

  • Keep it funky. Try an Ugg with an interesting detail like a fringe or button, or even a bow to liven things up. Folding the top of the Ugg over to also show the fur can be different, or a funky sock sticking out over the top can give a creative edge.

Interesting Details - Shop-aholics Anonymous  Uggs and Socks  Uggs with Button Detail


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