The Barnyard never fails to entertain, and its current show, 99 Hits certainly does not disappoint. Filled with literally 99 hit songs, including a rather spectacular 6 minute medley of 20 hit songs from 20 different artists, not to mention the costumes and spectacularly speedy costume changes, will keep you on the edge of your seat and singing your heart out for a good two hours.

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Start off your evening with dinner at the Duck and Dive Craft Brewery and Eatery, delicious gourmet food that’s freshly prepared and craft beer on tap make this a great pre-event stop in. They are open daily from 08h00 until 19h00, and also have a private upstairs area for parties etc. Why not have a private dinner before going through to the show?

The Barnyard also has a pizza and gourmet food section in its foyer, or you are welcome to bring your own food baskets, and Barnyard has a fully stocked bar to order your drinks from.

Seating is at classic picnic tables and the theatre vibe is casual and fun, you can even buy props and fun items in the foyer before the show.

99 Hits covers songs from artists such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, and also going back to oldies by the likes of Cliff Richard, Meatloaf and Bruce Springsteen. The cast features 11 artists, who do not sit still for one second, and who love to sing dance and act their hearts out. Sparkly belts and bikini tops made guest appearances throughout the show – being a bit of a self confessed magpie – I loved the reappearances of the glitterati belts across the different costume changes and era’s.

I particularly enjoyed the driving medley, which sees the cast hopping in their car, all dressed in 70’s poodle skirts and shuffle socks, singing to “I drove all night” by Celine Dion,  and “Drive my Car” by the Beatles.

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Vanilla Ice makes an appearance – I am always intrigues as to how the cast totally fit the roles they play. The band get totally involved and interact with the cast, which keeps the fun vibe and energy up. As audience participation is always appreciated, try and get in the mood by clapping and cheering and supporting the artists.

The show ends with a medley of local African songs such as Nkalakatshe to truly get your feet stomping. Don’t miss out on this fun family show – check out The Barnyard programme on www.barnyardtheatre.co.za for shows at a Barnyard near you.


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