Thursday evening saw myself and @callanjozi @inspired4life heading off to the exclusive private launch at The VIP Room in Sandton.

Kim Sulman, is a young up and coming Joburg based designer to watch.  Her new boutique, based in Bryanston, is named Pink Boutique and caters for the exclusive tastes of Johannesburg’s elite fashionista’s and celebs.

The evening kicked off with a fully stocked bar – with Grey Goose featuring as the drink of the evening. We grabbed a corner booth, and sat back to enjoy the show.

Kim used an amazing mix of fabrics in her outfits, sequined bodices, combined with flowing chiffon skirts, leopard print, and bright oranges that brought the run way to life. Citrus yellow fabrics, paired with sky scraper heels, and with the right skin tone, this outfit would be life, if not game, changing.

I particularly loved the sequined bustiers and hot pants, with a flowing cover skirt, although have to admit that one’s rear would need to be in great shape to pull this one off, so possibly staying away from this style – but for a younger market, very funky and fun fashion look. Salmon and mint green are clearly colours that Kimmy favours, and I echo her sentiments 100% on this.

My top looks of the evening, an amazing all in one short suit in a rich navy blue lace fabric, with a brown belt that I could totally see myself rocking at the next social event I attend.

I also particularly enjoyed Kim’s monochromatic black and white, body hugging dresses – bring to life in my mind a unique and poignant bygone area, Marilyn Monroe’esque designs.

Sequinned Bustier  images38CGFSOL

The models were on a whole young and shy, but considering the age of their designer, the fact that they were supporting their friend to launch her brand is something that was heart warming to experience. Without the support of those you love, what is the point, ultimately.

The show stated very late – and I have considered offering our services to help with the next one, as an all round, rather pedantic event planner, but overall a really good effort from a young and inexperienced team and designer. May you soar Kimmy Sulman – your skill and talent will not go unrecognised.


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