With a decided nip in the air this morning, I took a look in to my wardrobe to start preparing for the upcoming winter. Blegh. Not a fan of winter. At least in Johannesburg it is short, sharp and to the point. 4 months, done and dusted.

I cannot live without boots in winter, my feet are always freezing and I live in socks for most of the cold months.

Ankle boots are making quite an appearance on international runways and are paired with pretty patterned tights and short skirts. You can’t go wrong with a basic black and/or brown staple boot, that can be worn with any outfit.

I always also have a pair of riding inspired flat boots that I wear with skinny jeans or leggings, for casual run arounds, shopping, and outdoorsy type events, and a pair of killer knee high, if not thigh high evening boots, which again can be worn with leggings and a fancy top, or tights and a short dress for a bit more evening sizzle.

Ankle boots  Riding Boots

I am totally loving the fact that this winter is literally sizzling up with bright beautiful colours, citrus oranges and yellows, marine greens and blues, pretty pinks – light it on fire. Who says winter needs to be drab and dull.

Knitwear of course is big, but the runways were a bit overdone, I love the coats etc – but try and stay away from a fully knit outfit, you may end up looking like a merino lamb that’s been let loose in the city. Knit coats offer extra warmth, and are great for layering.

Bright Colours  Patterned knitwear

The fact that the 70’s trends are back in full force excites me no end. High waisted flair trousers, bouffant skirts and wedges, A-line dresses with large sunglasses and slicked back hair reminds me of my mother in her youth, and I have always loved this look. It awakens the inner Bond Girl in me I suspect.

Being a bit of a scarf girl personally, I am also really liking the many options available at stores like Woolworths and Mr. Price – get a few cost effective, really funky scarves, tie them in a loose knot around your neck and voila, pizzazz to any outfit and keeps you warm as well.

Long gloves  Scarves 2

Gloves are also big this winter – I was delighted to see elbow length gloves on the runways, as well as colourful and embellished gloves with zippers, studs and tassels making a huge statement. Paired with a more plain outfit, your gloves could certainly make the kind of statement you would usually make with belts or shoes in the summer.

Great Scott, bring on winter, I am more than ready to get my chill on!


Nadia Apr 8, 2015 at 11:52 am

That purple boot with the white heel is everything that is good in this season’s trends! Beautiful!

Heather Hook Apr 8, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Isn’t it cute? I also love the long gloves 🙂

Don Schoolcraft Jun 7, 2015 at 9:12 pm

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