Having recently done some research in to Tinder, the latest dating App designed for I-Phone and Android, I have realised some quite interesting facts. From a woman’s point of view, some guys Tinder profiles leave a lot to be desired – check out some serious no no’s…


  • Most of your pictures have kids in them – which aren’t yours.
    • Why? Are all the decent pictures of you taken with your siblings children – don’t you go out on your own or with your friends? And then you still need to put in your bio “Don’t worry – the kids are my nephews” or some other kind of nonsense. No, it doesn’t help your cause.
  • Your pictures are of groups of people having a party or wearing sunglasses on a tropical looking beach somewhere.
    • Brilliant, that helps a lot. Now I know exactly which one you are. *Swipes left*
  • Your pictures involve your wedding, your ex, or you tongue wrestling a hot girl in a bikini.
    • No. And again. NO. You and your ex sipping through straws out of the same coconut, or even worse, you dancing at your wedding. Big. Turn. Off. *Swipes left*. And showing us your ex in a bikini tends to make us, ordinary girls, feel completely inadequate and most likely to not swipe right, especially if that’s the type of girl you like to date.


  • Looking drunk or clutching alcohol in all your pictures
    • I guess this depends on your age – but in my mid 30’s I don’t want to date a serial joller. I enjoy a party as much as the next person, but I have to work in between. Sometimes.
  • Pictures of you are all with models at events
    • Are those the only girls you could get in a photo with you? You know they are paid to look hot and smile, right? Just checking.
  • Your pictures don’t show your face, but only your six pack or you on your motorbike. With your helmet on.
    • Sure, Shaun 28, those abs look great. Let’s date. Your face could be that of a dog, but at least from October through to February I can distract myself by looking at your abs on the beach. Or we can just zoom around on your bike.


  • Your photos are all with females hugging you.
    • Makes me a little nervous. What if we like each other and start dating. Will those girls be jealous? Do I have to stand in line to get a hug? I get it, girls like you, but it’s kind of off-putting.
  • Your first display picture is of you and a really hot friend.
    • We hope the hot one is you. Oh wait – no, you are the other one. Bummer. Talk about a letdown and without being rude, I think you know if you are the better looking one or not.
  • Don’t be on Tinder if you have a girlfriend.
    • In the last week, I have seen about three of my male friends on Tinder, and I know they have serious girlfriends. I see you. It is cheating. If you want to be dating other people, break up with your girlfriend and get on with meeting other people. Don’t be a louse.


So there, you have it, from a 30 something-year-old and yes, I am looking for a relationship. The Tinder truth revealed. Use the advice or don’t but I had so much fun writing this article.

Check out Tinder here www.gotinder.com

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