There are of course different view points on this – and I will categorically state that all are welcome to their own opinions – this article is just my view on it.

As I looked at the series of three rather tacky SEXPO posters near Sandton as I drove past, showing couples in various positions of what looked like they were about to rip their remaining few items of clothing off and leap in to the sack – I thought to my myself, “What on earth has become of SEXPO?”

I then immediately noticed the Air France poster on the next board showing a beautiful woman dressed all in black, with a plane shooting overhead and a smile on her face with her head thrown back like she has just achieved an orgasm.

What can I say? Sex sells. It’s a well known fact and one used quite shamelessly by advertisers across all industries.

I always find SEXPO an interesting event – the exhibitors and the crowds that attend as well. So often we discredit sex as wrong and bad, those with a healthy sexual appetites are seen as people with problems or unable to control their urges – which is often not the case.

I remember when I worked on an exhibition stand at SEXPO Johannesburg in 2010 – most of the people that came past the stand were couples looking to spice up their love lives – not in a deranged, kinky way, but in a way that would deepen their commitment and love to each other. The opportunity to attend a classy event, possibly learn some new tricks and find some items that they could experiment with together was the most important part for them.

Let’s be honest, the first time you visit an adult store can be a bit of a shocker, and I wouldn’t recommend it for a couple looking to experiment for the very first time, the contraptions in there would scare about 90% of women, and some men, half to death.

Most of my sexual experimentation devices have actually been bought at SEXPO, whether I have been single or in a relationship – it still feels safe, non dodgy and most of all a non-judgemental place to ask questions – we don’t all know about what things are and what they do, and having dedicated sales people who know their product range backwards and who can answer questions and make suggestions is a huge plus for me.

There are however those that argue that exhibitions like SEXPO, lead the way for some people to live out more sick or harming fantasies that can lead to death or disfigurement, their own or their partners. Keeping in mind that a sexual perversion is an expression of a side that is kept hidden in public, and expresses itself in private through a certain channel where they feel they have control, or can be in charge, I wouldn’t see an event like SEXPO encouraging that – it’s been a part of that persons life for quite a while I am sure, often usually explored online and anonymously.

For the bulk of people attending SEXPO it is entertaining, something out of the ordinary, and a fun experience to have with their partner, or with friends, opening their minds and exploring new things.

Bring on next year, I can’t wait to see what’s on offer. Possibly the posters may be a better reflection of a classier event, however. That said, it will certainly be entertaining as always.


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