So, recently I sat with a huge dilemma. Great client, loads of cash – the flip side, unreasonable work hours, vast amounts of stress and a constant sense of letting my other clients down.

Tough call, and I really wasn’t sure what to do – all I knew was that the constant pressure, the lack of sleep and the rising panic I constantly felt were going to be my end – and the thing that worried me the most, was what do you do when you have broken yourself beyond repair? You have money – but no friends, no job ( everyone is replaceable, no matter what and don’t ever let yourself be fooled by the fact that your client or company can’t replace you – they can – and more easily than you may care to think.)

I took some time – and put my priorities in order. I had watched my middle sister go through burn out at around the same age as I am now – and the 2 years it took her to come right – the expensive medicines and not being able to work, was not something I relished for myself.

So health outweighs wealth, doesn’t it?

I thought of the strain I am putting on my eyes with the long hours in front of the computer, the strain on my body from not being exercised regularly and eating takeaways at irregular hours. I thought about my nervous system – getting by on 2 – 3 hours sleep a night, and my motor functions – impaired from the stimulants of things such as Red Bull and coffee to get me through the day.

I thought about how I never saw the few friends I still have – and how I didn’t have time for anyone in my life – old or new.

I thought about how I could lose everything and be left with nothing – a very sobering thought indeed.

I realised that you only get one of each of the above – but jobs and work can be replaced, and knew then what my next move was going to be.

A little time to mull it over –and a chat to the few clients I do still have left, and next thing a plan was born.

So I have made the next step – and heading towards a brighter, healthier future for myself, and I think for my business as well.

Don’t stress and hate it – re-evaluate and make it!


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